5 Common Myths About Smartphone Photography

Making smartphone photos has become an essential part of the world we live in. We make photos on a daily basis. Still, we think too little of this part of photography. It has become an art form in itself.

So let’s debunk a couple of myths, shall we?

1 .It’s the best camera

All brands hype their phone as a brilliant camera. Which is a logical marketing step. Although I love the quality my Mate 10 Pro provides, I can’t really compare it to the possibilities a Nikon 850 offers.

It’s okay to think it’s a great camera. It also very useful because you always have it with you. But when you go wildlife spotting, maybe bring a DSLR too.

2. It’s the worst camera

Yeah yeah, I just said otherwise. People often defend their photos with arguments like: “I know it’s not perfect, sorry. I just made this on my smartphone.”

I think that’s a bullshit argument. I’ve seen people make brilliant photos with their smartphones. I’ve also seen a lot of crappy pictures made with a fancy DSLR. It’s all about the photographer, not the camera.

3. You can’t make artistic photos

Yes, you can! Loads of people do. An artistic photo is all about what you put into it. It can be a unique composition, it can be vibrant colors or a cool subject. Often the limitations of the camera help you become more creative.

4. The quality isn’t good enough to print

I used to believe this myself. I did think it would be okay to print smaller prints for family members, but not a big print for museums or exhibitions. Luckily Huawei has proven me wrong. A couple of weeks ago they launched an exhibition to celebrate smartphone photography and the wide availability of it.

It showed me that the photos I made with my smartphone could be printed on a large format. The biggest ones where even A3. So it is possible!

5. There are no good accessories

People are looking for qualitative lenses, filters, tripods,… They often buy a cheap tripod somewhere, which breaks down after a couple of uses. With a bit of looking around and testing, you can find very good accessories for your smartphone photography.

I even wrote a blog post once about my smartphone-photography bag.

What myths about smartphone photography do you encounter? Let me know in the comments below so we can debunk them together!

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