5 beautiful urbex locations in Belgium

In Belgium we are spoiled for good places to go urbexing. If you don’t know what urbexing is: It’s visiting abandoned places and buildings, also known as, urban exploring. Some do it for the kick, some do it for the photography.

So, in Belgium there are a lot of abandoned places. I leave it up to you to decide if that’s a good or a bad thing. But for me, it’s a fun thing.

Disclaimer: I only show the name and a photo of the locations in the blogpost. I am not sharing the exact location to make sure they are not overrun, since this locations are often fragile.

Papierfabriek De Naeyer

An old paperfactory somewhere south of Antwerp. It’s now almost completely gone, but I had the chance to visit it twice before the complete destruction. Both times I was able to visit different buildings on the site.

The Royal Station

An old trainstation built by King Leopold II, it isn’t used since WOII. It’s a simple yet elegant construction that brought the royalty and international jetset to a castle nearby. It’s near a lot of rocks, cliffs and in the forests. So it’s a really photogenic place.

The abandoned Bowling Alley

A typical and oldschool bowling alley, that hasn’t been used in more than 10 years. It’s next to an abandoned swimming pool and a still in use cart track. You can visit the offices, which still has plenty of documents stored, and a room full of biljart-tables.

Fort de la Chartreuse

My very first urbex-location. It’s easy to walk in there and the locals use it as parc to walk their dogs. It has relaxed vibe and plenty of corners to discover. So it’s perfect for a first-time urbexer. But even for the more experienced ones, there is still plenty to do.

Ruine in Parc des Oblats

Petrol Zuidzuid

In my hometown and pretty easy to find, giving hints here. It’s a huge site full of old oil-silo’s. Although I’m not entirely sure it’s completely abandoned. The only thing I’m saying about this location: don’t wear white shoes when going in.

What are your favorite (Belgian) urbex locations?

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