4 things you don’t know about me

Recently I found this little blog idea on another travel bloggers website. I tweeted it out thinking out loud if it was a nice idea for me to do it as well? She replied with a ‘yes, go for it!’ So here I am!

So here I am, sitting. Thinking about the things that you don’t know about me, and are interesting enough to put in a list on my blog. I bet you didn’t know I ate grapes this morning, but that’s not that interesting. Is it?

After a few days of brainstorming, wrapping my head around the things I do I finally found these four things I would love to discuss and share. So let’s get right to it!

1. I love comedy

It’s probably one of my favorite things. I am more inclined to put on a comedy show than watch a movie on Netflix. I don’t mean the ‘Meet the Parents’ kind of comedy. The standup comedy, with people on stage talking about things in life with funny twists.

I can enjoy it so much. I often even rewatch shows. I also just love watching the clips one of my friends, Fons, sends me from British television. The shows bringing a couple of comedians together and discussing various topics. It’s one of those downwards spirals on YouTube for me.

2. I prefer walking over public transport when traveling

Whenever I find myself in a new city somewhere I tend to avoid public transportation. Fine, there is this saying that says ‘you will get to know a city by its public transport’, but I don’t agree. I usually tend to walk almost everything.

Sometimes that means I do a lot of kilometers just strolling around a city. All by foot. It is what I loved to do most. Walking through the streets the average tourist won’t go through. Looking at the houses, witnessing how people live there, and just observing the day to day person on the destination. I just love doing all that.

3. I used to be really shy

Back when I was in school. Not that I am a loud-mouthed extravert person now, I just was on my own. I still am with times. Back then I just didn’t really feel the need to start a conversation with people I didn’t know.

Now I do and I also enjoy doing it. It sometimes still takes some effort for me to start a conversation with someone at a party or in a hostel room. But compare me with who I was 5 years ago, and I am a changed man!

4. I have a hard time reading analog clocks

My mother keeps bullying me with this. Well, it’s less now, but she did for a while. It’s not that I can’t read it at all. I just have a hard time getting it all in order. I stare at the clock for ten seconds trying to figure out what hour it is and how much before or after that specific hour we are.

Usually, I just grab my phone and look at the hour there. It’s much faster and more logical to me.

I read this blog tag on The Travel Hack first. So go and read her blog too!

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