4 must visit bars in Europe: fancy cocktails and local beers

When traveling, there is one thing I always try to do: Try the local drinks: Amarula in Namibia, BRLO in Berlin and Whiskey (with an e!) in Dublin. Sometimes I get them at the local supermarket, but in most cases I try to drink them at a bar or restaurant. These are my 4 must visit bars in Europe.

1. Hemingway in Prague: Must visit bar for cocktails

Although I am making this a non competitive list, as all bars have their own charm, this might be my #1 must visit bar in Europe. A dressed up guy brings you to your table and hands you a card with cocktails you have probably never heard of. A ‘Lighs, Camera, Action’ with infused popcorn, or maybe a ‘Miss Bobo’ out of a teacup, and my personal favorite: ‘The Mezcal Sour’ with hot peppers.

The waiter will ask you a couple of questions and help you pick a drink that is definitely your taste. Make sure to read the card with the rules, as it is not just a regular evening bar.

2. Blackmarket in Rome: Must visit bar / speakeasy

A speak easy bar (exposing them, woops!) in Rome. Near the central trainstation, so it’s easily accessible. The neighbourhood is not too good though, but the bar is worth the effort. When entering it looks like a brothel, but don’t worry: it’s not. Ring yourself in and let the guy explain how “you have to be a member, but for this one time they will make an exception”. Fill in the form and find yourself a seat.

They also have food, so just ask them for a menu if you are hungry. The setting is a bit 50’s-60’s bohemian with psychedelic rock music from that era. In this bar you will find cocktails you never heard of before. What’s more fun than that?

3. Brewdock – Dublin: Must visit bar for beers

An actual pub. Not a fancy cocktailbar. When walking in we expected it to be filled with truckers and people drinking beers by the liter. Craving a beer and a bite, we thought this would be a good fit. We ended up trying several of their local beers and eating some of the best fish & chips I ever had.

The beers I tried: Full Sail, Harvest Ale, Althea, Buried at Sea, Stormy Port and Bay Ale. Don’t worry, you can ask for tasters. πŸ˜‰

4. Absintherie – Prague: Must visit bar for absinth

Another bar in Prague. I pride myself in always finding my way around cities, but this one time I got lost in Prague. Disclaimer: I did not have a drink, yet.

In this 50s looking bar you can take a seat at the bar or at one of the cosy tables. You are welcomed with modern music, remade into 50s sounding songs. they really went for the details. If you are, like I was, an absinth virgin, I recommend to start with the tasting palette. You will get 4 glasses and a pitcher of water (there is no shame in using it). A must visit for the new and experienced absinth drinker.

What bars in Europe can you recommend? Let me know in the comments!

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4 thoughts on “4 must visit bars in Europe: fancy cocktails and local beers

  1. With two out of the four bars located in Prague…it looks like I’m going to have to make a drink back there! It’s always fun to test out new cocktails!

  2. Ik kan er twee van de vier afstrepen! De cocktails in Praag waren zeker lekker (en super goedkoop) en het bier in Dublin was eveneens heel smakelijk. πŸ™‚

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