Your best travel photos shared on Twitter

By far Twitter is my favourite social media platform. And thus I spend a lot of time there. A thing I do is ask a daily question (on weekdays). Often I get a lot of response, but this time I received a massive responsive.

This was the question

I decided to embed some of the tweets in this blogpost. Why? Well, not all my readers are on Twitter. So this way everyone gets to enjoy these amazing photo’s that you made!


My own favorite

Nothing to do with this one

This one is pure gold!

Brough to you live, from…

Dramatic look over the mountains

Throwback to my first urbex-trip

Little pond in the ocean

Some brilliant street photography

So powerful

Aurora Borealis all day, every day!

Monochrome mountains

Another Rotterdam-fan

On the water


What photo did you like best? Make sure to give the tweets a favorite, retweet and maybe even a follow!

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