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As you know, I post a tag from time to time. Usually I find some tag from beauty/fashion-bloggers, making me rethink my time on the internet. But now, I have a travel tag! So I won’t have any trouble answering the questions, I think.

Which popular country does not attract you at all?

A lot of people seem to go to Thailand and Indonesia. Although I think they are beautiful destinations, I don’t feel like putting them on a topspot on my bucketlist.

Which famous and popular city does not seem so nice to you?

London? I know it’s not that far from Antwerp and a lot of my friends go yearly. But it seems too big and overdone. Maybe I just need to go there again.

Which city disappointed you?

I really have to think hard about this one. Maybe Rome. I really liked it there and I think it’s a beautiful city. But it’s exactly like it is on the photos. The atmosphere seems to be gone because of all the tourists and streetvendors (“Selfiestick? Powerbank?”)

Which country disappointed you?

Not a single one. There is always something you dislike, but also something you like. Maybe I should travel even more to find a place to disappoint me? But that’s not really a goal I want to strive to.

Which city did you like, against your preconception?

Probably Prague. I went there during my trip. So I didn’t know where I was going. I thought it would be a dull and romanticised city. I was there with a buddy, so romantic wasn’t what we were looking for. But in the end, it was a very nice trip with a lot of things to do for everyone.

What crazy habit do you have while you’re traveling?

Maybe trying the local beers? I don’t know if it’s crazy, if it’s not, or just being Belgian. But I like to taste what the locals brew and drink.

What are you secretly proud of?

Traveling alone. It started as a challenge for myself and now I really like it. You can read more about the reasons why in my blogpost with 7 reasons to travel alone.

What do you miss most while traveling?

Sleep! And maybe my shower. It’s not that I have a super special shower, but it’s just the one I know. So all the others seem weird.

What do you miss most at home?

The constant new impulses of new things to see and do.

What is your biggest guilty pleasure?

Eating too much junk food.

And … what travelconfessions have you not yet confessed?

I don’t know. I think this was it.

Do you have a lot of confessions? Feel free to use this tag. Just to make sure to tag Travellers of the World and me (because I’m just curious to see your confessions).


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