The Cube in Limburg: Not your usual design museum

In Kerkrade, not so far from the beautiful city of Maastricht, you can find the Cube Design Museum. An awesome museum, as you would expect from the Dutch people. Part of a bigger museum complex, this is a must visit for the science and design aficionado’s.

Fiets-Bike-Fahrrad: design on two wheels

An exposition about bikes. Sounds dull and uninspired. But this one is everything but that. In this exposition you see a wide selection of bikes and gear that will shape the future. Electric bikes to go offroad with. Or bikes that will help you transport bigger loads. And even completely foldable bikes, not that much bigger than, let’s say, an umbrella.

Dutch Limburg is a great place for an exhibition like this. Why, you might ask? Great question! The entire region is bike-friendly. You have plenty of routes that are easy navigable, you have beautiful landscapes and a a lot of bike-races every year.

Everything you always wanted to know about toilets

Potty humour incoming! This exposition is literally shit. It’s about the evolution of our toilets, and also, the future of our porcelain thrones. They come up with creative solutions for problems all around the world. Poor regions or festivals, they have an idea to make your toilet-time better.

Practical information about the Cube Design Museum

You can visit the Cube from Tuesday untill sunday from 10am to 5pm. It’s open on most holidays, so you don’t have to worry about that. A ticket costs 12 euro’s, but I suggest you take a combi-ticket for the entire complex. It will keep you busy for the entire day and only costs you 21,60 euro’s. A great deal!

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