Looks like you have an interest in my photography. Which is great!

Who I am

I’m Fred, a photographer from Antwerp. After 4 years studying photography and getting my diploma, I took some time of. But everywhere I went, I felt an itch. Soon enough, I started photographing again. I’m 24 years old now, and have been doing photography for the past years.

Some of my work

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It’s not about that

In 2015 & 2016 I focussed on my main interests: travel, urbex and architecture. All three genres have one thing in common for me. They are all about places I want to share with family, with friends, and with you. My photography is not about the beautiful squares in Rome. It’s not about the romantic scenery in Paris. It’s not even about the relaxing atmosphere of Barcelona.

What it is about

In my photography you will find the decay in the world. The scars we have left on the earth and our direct environment. Things we did wrong, or we forget. But things that make this planet to what it is today: A beautiful place filled with things to (re)discover and save forever.

Contact information

Interested in hiring me? Or working together on a project?
Hit me up on info@fredericpaulussen.be. I can’t wait to hear your idea.

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