Photographing for two weeks with only my Huawei P10

After getting a new phone and restarting my lust for smartphone photography, I decided to dedicate a period fully to smartphone photography. That’s why I spend two weeks without my trustworthy Nikon D7000.

Why I did this? well, getting into a new device always takes some time. Even when you are already used to it. If I change my camera I need to change my headspace. A different lens gives different results. Changing the device also changes the type of results.

A night to Rotterdam

Next week I’m posting the blog about this trip, until then you’ll have to do with these photo’s I made there. During sunset I made some awesome photo’s. I have to admit though: I also brought my Nikon with me. I actually shot with both.

While my Nikon did the photos with 30 seconds exposure (and 30 seconds of processing) I used the phone to use the time productively.

Product-shots for my blogpost

I started the next week with making product-shots of the new filter-set for my smartphone (A Huawei P10). I needed to make the photos for a review that will soon be published on this blog. (Keep an eye open for it).

This for me proves that, for a simple blog, you don’t need to take out your big camera for good shots. Just use your smartphone (again I can highly recommend the Huawei P10) and start making the photos.

A weekend out and about

At the end of the week I met up with Vetexbart and went to Voeren. This is a small region in Belgium where there is a lot to do for (day)-tourists. Unfortunately the weather was not that great, and I was not able to get too many great shots from my phone.

I’m going to do this more often. In the future I will assign specific periods to challenge myself. Maybe a bit shorter than this, but always fully focussed.

Let me know if you have a challenge like this for me. I would love read about them in the comments.

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