I drank over 20 Dutch beers in one week, and these are the results

Earlier this month I had the dumb idea to go to Texel… by bike. In total it’s more than 350km, so I was glad I took the train back home. Me and my friend spend a lot of time laughing though. Maybe the large amount of beers we drank had something to do with it… maybe!

Brewery T’ij

A brewery based in Amsterdam, and maybe my favorite Dutch brewery. It’s founded in 1985 and is inspired by Belgian beers. Maybe that’s why I like it so much. They have a couple of beers. One for each style and also seasonals. Like Paasij. Wich means Easter Egg in Dutch. Ij means egg.

    1. IPA: 7% and nicknamed ‘Big boobs beer’. If you wonder why, look at the label. Exactly what you would expect from an I.P.A.
    1. Ijwit: 6,5% makes it semi-strong. A fresh thirst-quencher for those warmer days.
    1. Flink: With 4,7% the softest by this brewery. The one you need if you are thirsty. Then graduate to the stronger ones.
    1. Natte: A semi-strong one with 6,5%. It’s the oldest one of the brewery and has a strong flavour. A classic!
    1. Columbus: The strongest with 9%. If you are into beer for the taste and not the buzz, this one is my recommendation.

Texels Brewery

A must visit when you go to the island of Texel. All ingredients used are from the island. But don’t worry, your beer wont taste salty. Founded in 1999 this a rather young brewery. But that’s no problem for them. Take a tour in the brewery and enjoy the tasters afterwards.

  1. Skuumkoppe: A white beer with 6%. Named after the breaking of the waves. (foamhead)
  2. Springtij: A blond beer with 7,5%. They recommend to drink this while eating lamb. Both are plentiful on the island.
  3. Texels Wit: Perfect for the hot summer days on the island.
  4. Bock: A red beer for the autumn days. It already won prizes in contests and is delicious!

Dampegheest brewery

An older brewery revamped in 2008. It’s based in the North Holland, so not too far from Amsterdam or Texel. And as often these days, you can visit the brewery.

  1. Alkmaars Blondje: Named after the cheese city of Alkmaar. This beer is combined perfectly with the local cheeses there.
  2. Zware Hufter: ‘Though dude” is the translation. One of the heavier beers by this brewery. But that’s what I like the most!

A couple of one-offs

    1. Zundert: One of the two Trappist beers from the Netherlands. So a must drink!
    2. La Trappe: The other Trappist. So it’s brewed by monks in an abbey.
    3. Cromhout: Another Belgian style beer. Dark, heavy and strong.
    4. Biertuig: A special brewed beer for ‘De Biertuin’ in Amsterdam. So you will have to go to that bar.
    5. Gladjanus: Something between a white beer and an I.P.A.
    6. Imperator: A bock beer by the Brand brewery.
    7. Dikke lul 3 bier: It’s always awkward ordering this one: “One big cock please!”. But it’s great!

  1. Bloesem Blond: A beer by ‘Gebrouwen Door Vrouwen’ aka Brewed by Women. I had the one with elderflower.

Have you ever had a Dutch beer before? If yes, which one do you like?

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