9 tips for the solitary travellers

Last year I travelled alone for the first time. It was exciting and frightening at the same time. Now, I’m used to it. I even like it a lot. After some solitary tips, I feel confident you give you these 9 tips.

One of the advantages of travelling alone: You don’t look like a tourist. So vendors will bother you less, thieves won’t go after you, and people beg for money less.

1. Talk to people

Travelling alone is not so, well, lonely as people think. It’s even more social. In a hostel you will make friends easily with your roommates. Just introduce yourself when you or they arrive in the room and ask some questions:

  • Where are they from?
  • Are they travelling to another city after?
  • Do they have any tips for this city?

Just like you, they want to know who they share a room with. So make sure to answer these questions too. Maybe you can grab a beer after. They are alone too, and maybe they need a chat. And when they leave before you do, you get the chance to get to do this all over again, with yet another friend.

2. Go to the bar

Perfect solution if your roommates aren’t as sociable as you (I had this before), or you’re alone in a hotel room. Most hostels have their own bar, and it is filled with solo-travellers. Fun anecdote: I asked someone if he was waiting for the bartender. We then bonded the entire night and are still talking on Facebook.

3. Use your locker

This one is not only to keep your stuff save. You’re sharing a room, so clean up after yourself. You don’t want to step into someone’s dirty underpants either.

4. Bring a lock

For your locker, obviously. Most hostel have a lock for you to use. But sometimes you have to pay an additional fee.

5. Bringing someone “home”?

Keep it PG. You’re not alone in the room, and nobody wants to hear or see you bumping uglies.

6. Bring earplugs

Maybe your roommate has to read the previous rule. Or you have the luck to be paired with a snorer (you know who you are). Earplugs might save you some sleep.

7. Afraid to eat alone?

Solomangarephobia, yes it’s a thing with a scientific name. You can always arrange a ‘date’ with one of your roomies. If you really are alone, I suggest to eat at a fastfood chain. You have a quick meal and nobody will see you eat alone. You’ll be less embarrased, even if you don’t actually have to.

8. Buy roamingdata

Eventhough you can get free WiFi at every Starbucks or McDonalds, this can help you fight the loneliness. Miss your lovers or friends? Give them a quick Whatsapp-call.

9. Learn some phrases in the local language

You will be able to impress some locals and start a conversation.

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